Holiday Shipping Notes

** Latest Shipping Updates**

Without any advance warning, FedEx has just informed us that they will not accept any additional shipments from us to ship on Monday Dec 21st. This is an unprecented move, we've never seen anything like it. For anyone who has yet to place an order, the only shipping method we are recommending at this time is FedEx Standard or FedEx Priority Overnight, for arrival on Wednesday 23rd.

We've had the rug pulled out from under us, they won't let us ship any more on Monday, and they also refuse to guarantee time in transit or refund any delays on their end. If we had to give an estiamte of the likelyhood of a 2-day Air package shipping on Tues, and arriving on Thurs, we'd probabaly say that it's a 70% chance of success. Please note that if you do decide to go with 2nd Day shipping for an arrival on Thurs, it will be at your risk, our hands are completey tied. We truly apologize for the situation, we never thought we'd see something this insane. Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help; we're pretty buried right now but the best way to reach us is to send an email at [email protected] 

Choosing a Delivery Date

Normally, we'll throw a sentence or two up around the holidays warning that as we get closer to the Christmas holiday, we expect that there might be some delays. But this year, as shipping carriers have been overwhelmed since March, we have no doubt there will be delays.

With that in mind, we are strongly suggesting that you plan to have an entire day separating the day you request your order to be delivered, and the day on which you plan to enjoy the order contents. Below is a quick chart of our suggested arrival dates for specific dinner dates. If you would prefer to avoid the overnight shipping cost for a Tuesday delivery, it's absolutely possible to have your order arrive to you the Friday before. Larger cuts of meat will inherently have a longer shelf life, and this year we have invested in an additional packaging machine that will give our roasts an extra 7 days of shelf life - you will be absolutely fine if you keep product in your fridge from when you receive on a Friday to cooking the following Thursday. 

Dinner Date

Recommended Delivery Date

Thurs, Dec 24th

Tues, Dec 22nd

Fri, Dec 25th

Wed, Dec 23rd

Thurs, Dec 31st

Tues, Dec 29th

Fri, Jan 1st

Wed, Dec 30th


Ground versus Express Shipping Methods

For all our customers on the west coast, in years past, we've had great success shipping during the holiday season with FedEx Ground or Golden State Overnight. This year has the potential to be the absolute opposite - FedEx has extended their delivery times, and if shipping via Ground, are recommending a ship date of no later than Dec 16th to ensure delivery by the 25th - 11 days in transit! Granted, our specialty is aged beef, but we like to think that the environment of our dry aging rooms are much better suited to holding beef in for extended period of times, rather than in a FedEx shipping station. 

To that end, we are breaking from our normal suggestion of shipping via Ground methods this year, and asking you to consider bumping the service level up to FedEx Express 2nd Day Air. It might seem counterintuitive to chose FedEx 2nd Day Air, when Ground is usually an Overnight transit to your location, but the major difference here is the service level. FedEx Express has incredibly higher success rates compared to Ground, we’re talking “as close to a sure thing” versus “maybe you’ll see that box in a week or so”. For this holiday season, we’ve dropped the rate for 2nd Day Air Shipping for customers in the Ground shipping regions, to try to meet you in the middle on the shipping costs. For shipping addresses in California and Nevada, we’re offering 2nd Day Air for a flat $20, regardless of cart value, or free, if your order is over $400. For those of you in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona, we have 2nd Day Air set at a flat $25, or free of charge if your order is over $400.

We completely understand that asking you to select a shipping method that costs more than what we usually charge for your shipping location flies in the face of logic, but the service that we as a shipper have experienced from shipping companies across the board this year so far is abysmal. We’ve built our entire business on a foundation of strong customer service, and in no way do we want to end this year with any single one of our customers missing their holiday dinner due to a shipping delay.

If you would like to take the change with GLS Ground service, we advise against shipping the week of Dec 21st. Aim for your order to ship out early the week of the 14th, and you can safely freeze your roast until Christmas Day. 

Shipping Options

We offer several different methods of shipping, some of which are dependent on where you live. For the majority of states, we recommend going with 2nd Day Air shipping; it is the most cost-efficient, and our specially designed boxes are capable of going 3 full days without external refrigeration. For those of you on the West Coast, we can ship via FedEx Ground for the most cost efficient method. 

Timing Your Delivery

We strongly suggest that you plan to have your steaks arrive at least one full day before you plan on cooking. Because shipping complications are often out of our control, we've found it is safest to have a day of "buffer" between arrival and your planned usage date. 

Signature Options

Our baseline is to send all packages designated as "no signature required" – this allows the package to be delivered without you having to sit at home all day. If you prefer your order to go as 'signature required', just drop us a note in the comments section during checkout and we’ll make sure to accommodate.

Shipping Costs

Cart Total

GLS Ground

2nd Day Air

Standard Overnight

Priority Overnight

$0 - $170





$171 - $250





$251 - $450





$450 +





GLS Ground

We offer GLS Ground shipping to all locations that are within 2 transit days of our facility as our most cost effective shipping method. We include ample frozen ice packs in our boxes to ensure that the product gets to you in perfect condition. If weather is particularly hot in your area, just add a note in the comments section during checkout that’d you like us to add extra ice and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

During the summer months (or during particularly hot spells), items that are shipped frozen may experience some surface thaw during transit. You don’t have to worry about throwing these in your freezer for later use, or they can be kept in the fridge for 3-4 days.

*Holiday Delays* As a result of the increased amount of packages being shipped this year, and being in the peak shipping season now, we are seeing more and more delays with Ground shipping services. Our boxes will go 4 fulls days without any external refrigeration, so while we have some built in 'wiggle room', we are unable to offer any refunds for orders that do not arrive in time for a planned event. Unfortunately, we are being given no support from Ground shipping carriers, making a frustrating situation for all. If you do select a Ground shipping method, our advice is to try to avoid a delivery date on a Friday, as weekend service becomes 'iffy' this time of year, and a carrier delay might cause the shipment to spend the weekend in a warehouse before being delivered. 

FedEx 2nd Day Air

Our preferred method of shipping, FedEx 2nd day will deliver a package in 2 business days. Less expensive than Standard Overnight, it also gives some wiggle room in the rare case that a package encounters problems en route.

FedEx Standard Overnight

Standard Overnight ensures that a box will spend 1 day in transit, and will arrive at your location before 5pm.

FedEx Priority Overnight

Priority Overnight ensures that a package arrives before 10:30am (unless shipping to a rural address, in which case the package arrives before 4:30pm).