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Ring me. Ping me. Just don’t bite me.

Please know that you can call me at any time and I will be happy to discuss just about any topic that we tech savvy meat people like to chew on. Katie, too. If neither of us happens to answer, please feel free to email, call, or Instagram either of us at will. I say this because as you may not know, Katie made it clear recently that I needed to get with the program and plant my toochis in the front seat of the technology bus. So whaddaya know? Here I sit as happy as a pig in swill and as of roughly about a month ago I am no longer writing letters on paper, sending faxes through the ether or signaling from the bridge with a flashlight.

Nope, not. Done with that. Boom. Dropped the mike.

Email me at: [email protected] or call/ping me at: 415-472-4488.

Contact Us