USDA Choice Chuckeye Steaks “1st Cut”

USDA Choice Chuckeye Steaks “1st Cut”


Pulled just from the first 2-3″ of the chuckroll, these chuckeye steaks, while not the prettiest to look at, will pack enough flavor and tenderness to rival a Ribeye.

The chuckroll sits right next to the prime rib (the chuck end of the rib; who would have thought!). And the three muscles that comprise that part of the rib (the complexus, longissimus dorsi, and spinalis dorsi) continue into the chuck for a very small length, maybe 3” or so, before other muscle groups take over.

Typically when butchers cut chuckeye steaks, they pull the whole chuckeye (about 4-5lbs total) from the chuckroll, then cut into steaks. But it’s only the first two cuts that are magic, when it comes to flavor and tenderness. And logistically, it just wouldn’t make sense to spend the extra fabrication time to pull the chuckeye from the chuck roll, then just take two cuts off that section that abuts the ribs, to get a measly 14-16oz of steaks from an entire 22lb chuckroll…. But who said we followed logic?? So that’s exactly what we do.

Now – if anyone has high standards when it comes to how your steak LOOKS…. Move on, this is not for you. Because these pieces are comprised of multiple different muscles, and they don’t have any dry age on them, they’re quite… messy looking. The muscles naturally want to separate from each other, and they’re kind of ‘floppy’ – no real body to them. So you’ll have to be very carefully when pulling them out of the package, and make sure they’re fully thawed otherwise they’ll tend to separate along those muscle seams. But, if you’re looking for a holy moly flavor, amazing tenderness, and a great value…. we’ve got you covered!

USDA CHOICE: Fabricated from USDA Choice Chuckrolls, which we use as the basis for our wholesale grinding program.


HOLSTEIN CATTLE: These chuckeye steaks are cut from Holstein Cattle, raised in California predominantly in the Southeast corner of the state.


SHIP FROZEN: Flash frozen after being processed, these chuckeye steaks will be safe for an additional 6-7months in your freezer, or 4-5 days in your refrigerator once thawed.


UN-AGED: Since these are technically a by-product of our grinding program, we do not put any dry age on them.