The Jorge Ribsteak: A Cut Above the Rest

By Flannery Team

When it comes to the ultimate bone-in steak, it’s tough to choose just one. But if we had to name our favorite? It’s the Jorge.

First of all, what is the Jorge Ribsteak?

Jorge Ribsteak

Named in honor of one of our favorite Spanish Wine Importers, Jorge Ordoñez, Flannery’s Jorge steak is essentially a bone-in ribsteak with a few unique details. Namely, it’s the intentional prominence of the spinalis dorsi – that thick, marbled strip of rib cap cut so that it runs along the top edge of the steak. It’s a full-bone rib cut from the first few bones from the chuck end of the rib primal. It’s one Ordoñez specifically requests time and time again, as he’s deemed it’s the best cut of steak to grill.

And we certainly understand why. It’s a coveted piece of beef, to be sure. The chuck end has the highest percentage of the spinalis dorsithe rib cap muscle. When you look at a Jorge Ribsteak, you can see the rib cap cut and shaped like a hefty crescent moon along the top edge. If you’d continue to cut the primal down toward the rest of the loin, the spinalis dorsi crescent start to wane and get thinner—which is why the Jorge Ribsteak offers the biggest amount of this flavorful muscle. We cut them into 3-inch-thick steaks. The Jorge only becomes even more intensely flavored when we dry age it for 30-35 days.

So why is the spinalis dorsi so important?


Ribeyes, whether bone in or boneless, are known for having the best, most flavorful eating experience. For anyone looking for the utmost in flavor, the Jorge Ribsteak will be sure to delight, because of the spinalis dorsi muscle. Not only is it one of the most tender muscles within the animal, it pairs with the slightly more abundant fat on this part of the rib to deliver a steak that is both amazingly tender and unbelievably flavorful.

The Jorge Ribsteak is a cut above the rest, even in its presentation.

Jorge Ribsteak

If you’re not yet among the converted that believe the Jorge is the best cut of steak to grill, sear or reverse sear, don’t just take our word for it. These savvy food critics are also Jorge fans:

“The best piece of meat I’ve had in a long time, this Jorge Ribsteak from Flannery Beef in San Francisco filled the entire house with the potent aroma of meat, age and smoke.” – Ruth Reichl, Food Critic & Author

“The Jorge cut is one of the best steaks I have ever eaten, at home or out.” – Larry Olmstead, Forbes