Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Picture perfect marbling combines with the robust earthiness of Dry Aged flavor to take excellence to the next level with our Wagyu New York steaks. Given the richness of these, a single steak could be split by two, or provide a hearty portion for the true carnivore.
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In Bryan's Words

Sourced from a ranch in Montana, these animals spend up to three years roaming a 100,000-acre pasture in what might be the prettiest setting you could imagine. The tremendous time it takes for these cattle to mature (compared to the 12 months that Angus need before harvest) is one factor of expense. But the end result is a marbling pattern that, if I was a poet, I would spend years writing odes about. Thankfully I’m not. But I digress. Another difference with the Wagyu cattle is the size. The “eye”, or diameter, of these steaks is much larger than our Cal and Midwestern beef. For this reason we stay away from offering steaks under 16oz, as a 12oz piece would have a thickness of approximately ¾ inch. Now I know there are those of you out there that would have no trouble scarfing down an entire 16oz Wagyu steak in one sitting, but for most, an 8oz portion of something this rich is sufficient. One of these New Yorks makes a fantastic gourmet meal for you and your sweetie – after cooking, slice the steak and split between the two of you.


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