California Reserve Dry Aged Rib Eye (Library)

California Reserve Dry Aged Rib Eye (Library)

Steaks listed here in the Library are selected because their quality will be at or above the 94th percentile. Just like beautiful bottles of wine, they happen, but not all that often. While our normal baseline is way above average, the steaks chosen for the Library are another multiple above that.

Steaks on this page are one of a kind, extremely limited availability; and while they will reoccur, there is no telling when.

Size PriceQuantity
3 @ 10 oz $149.00
3 @ 12 oz $179.00

All steaks listed here will be our Dry Aged California Reserve Holstein breed. They post to the site when available, so we have no way of predicting.

Products will ship frozen

A note on ordering:  If the steak is visible on the page, it is available. If you are having difficulty moving to cart, it might be because your quantity requested is not available; but a lesser quantity is.

This page is something I’ve always wanted to do, and with the new website, we are finally able to have some fun. We’ve always had the situation where every once in a while, a primal will appear that is so over the top in terms of marbling and quality, that it amazes even us. It might be a Prime Rib, a Ribeye, a New York or a Shortloin (Porterhouse); we can’t predict. When they do appear, we will fabricate them upon completion of the aging process which for these will be 30 days. Upon fabrication we will package, label, freeze and post the availability to the Library page. Steaks will be shipped in a custom box containing 3 steaks each. Quantities listed are boxes of three, and might be as low as a single item, or as high as 8 to ten. If we were to completely steal a page from the wine industry, these steaks would be rated between 94 and 99 points.

We won’t have any specific cooking tips / suggestions on the page because from time to time there could be five or six different types and sizes of steaks. I would suggest referring to the specific steak as listed on the California Reserve page for that steak. These steaks will cook exactly the same; they are just going to be even more over the top.