Pork Medallion

Pork Medallion

The Pork Medallion is cut from the shoulder end of the Boneless Pork Loin. It is actually the continuation of the Pork Cap, so in terms of inherent flavor, quite over the top. Size is limited as we can only produce 2 or 3 cuts per loin, and individually, they’ll weigh about 7 to 8 oz each. Thickness will be between 1 ½” and 2”.

Size PriceQuantity
7oz $10.00

Read my lips:   Smack, Smack, Smack!   They are just that good. This cut is exactly that and more!  Pan seared or grilled, doesn’t matter, they will be as spectacular as they are easy to prepare. One bit of advice: I’m a big fan of sauces with most cuts of pork, but I would never do it with these. It’s a bit of a case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

The Pork Medallion is a somewhat rare cut in that we can only produce 2 or 3 per loin so you won’t run across it in may places. As much as I like a bone in chop, I would always choose the medallion first when it’s available.

Product ships frozen

Sourced from Heritage breeds of pork, we focus on either Berkshire or Duroc to deliver the best flavor and tenderness.

Almost any method you like will be outstanding with this cut. Can do on a grill, pan seared on the stovetop, or some combination of either wit a finish in a moderate oven (325/350 degrees). One important point when cooking pork: back off on the heat. While we recommend full heat when cooking beef on the grill, with pork, I’d go about 75% of full temp. Lower and slower is the key.  The only time I would go full heat is if I’m intending to sear first then oven finish. In that case, literally only 2 to 3 minutes to get the sear on will not adversely affect the tenderness; but extended high heat will. Additionally, as with our basic cooking recommendation, you’ll have great success if you split the time (even with the lower heat) to 2/3 on the first side and 1/3 on the second.