Pork Cap

Pork Cap

This is the same cut as the beef rib cap only possibly with even more flavor! We take the rib end of the Pork Loin and separate the outer section to make the cap. While our pork can be served “pink” this particular cut will be even better if taken to a medium doneness. That is because a little longer time cooking will add a dramatic texture to accompany the incredible flavor.

Size PriceQuantity
18oz $25.75

We can only get one Pork Rib Cap per pork loin, and even then, can’t get much more than a pounds worth per cap. Cut from the extreme shoulder end of the loin, the flavor profile will eclipse any other cut of pork. You will have a little more fat with the Cap, but that’s kind of the point :  flavor !

Product ships frozen

Sourced from Heritage breeds of pork, we focus on either Berkshire or Duroc to deliver the best flavor and tenderness.


Where do I begin with this? In my estimation, good pork represents 2 of the 4 food groups by itself. The pork cap represents 6 of the 4! It is so good; it repeats 2 of the groups. Just like it’s soulmate the beef rib cap, the pork cap comes from the shoulder end of the rib, and to my knowledge, we’re the only ones crazy enough to want to figure out how to produce this gem.

Naturally, they are dramatically smaller the beef version; and so far, we have been able to produce 2 sizes of them: 14oz and 18oz. These will come to you rolled and tied which is done to allow uniform cooking. The only difference (other than $5.75) is that the 18oz cuts are slightly thicker in diameter.

Simplest way to cook is in the oven. Use a moderate temp (325/350 degrees) and bake away. Remember, like the Beef Rib Cap, you want to somewhat overcook these. The flavor will come through no matter what, but with a little more doneness, the texture will rival the flavor. They can be done on the grill or stovetop easily as well. The trick here is to think “multi sided” as opposed to two side cooking like a steak or chop. Simple roll them a little every few minutes and you’ll knock it out of the park.  A third method would be to sear first either on grill or in a pan (here is the one time you get permission to use high heat!), but only for a few minutes; then transfer to a preheated 325/350 degree oven to finish.