Filet Tail

Filet Tail

Not to be mistaken for a doorstop, this triangular cut of beef is perhaps one of the sweetest things to cross your doorstep. Though it’s lacking in the looks department, it more than makes up for it not only in the tenderness that you’d expect of a filet, but with a flavor you’d associate with a Ribeye.

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10oz $17.00
12oz $20.00


These Filet Mignon steaks are graded USDA Prime, the top tier of quality in the U.S. On average, about 9% of graded cattle will achieve Prime status, but taking things a step further, we inspect each primal that moves through our facility to guarantee quality. If we don’t think a piece deserves the Prime grade, we won’t ship it.


Our Filets are cut from Holstein cattle, raised in California predominantly in the Southeast corner of the state.


Flash frozen after being processed, these Filet Tail Steaks will be safe for an additional 6-7 months in your freezer, or 4-5 days in your refrigerator once thawed. Each of the four steaks are vacuum sealed individually before being packed into the gift box.


Because the tenderloin muscle has very little protective covering (such as fat or bone), we do not dry age these steaks.


This unique cut is the tail end of the filet (we think it’s just a coincidence it’s called the filet tail). This cut has no real age on it as it comes from what the industry calls a “PSMO”. The PSMO is the whole tenderloin muscle, and the most common way the Filet Mignon is produced. But because of the way this muscle is produced in the packinghouses, there is almost zero external fat protecting the meat. Without this external cover, it can’t undergo the dry aging process without excessive waste through trim.

Back to the tail. Very few butchers will offer this cut as a whole steak, because it’s lacking a strong pedigree and is visually a little rough around the edges. Most will dice these tails into cubes, for use in either stews or kebabs. And for anyone who has thrown these beauties on the grill, this would be a form of cruel and unusual butcher malpractice. So rather than sue, we’ve decided to start a new organization dedicated to providing a good home to all these misunderstood critters. As of today the S.P.C.U.S. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ugly Steaks) is launched with the full faith and power of Flannery Beef.

Join our cause today, and when we have enough members, we’ll march on Washington. In the meantime, we’ll stay under the radar and just grill.