California Reserve Shortloin Tail

California Reserve Shortloin Tail


The Shortloin Tail is the same cut as the Filet Tail, but it’s taken from the part of the filet that is left on the Shortloin (where Porterhouses & T-Bones are cut from). Being left on the Shortloin, this part of the filet undergoes our full dry-aging process, which shrinks it down even further. Tender as a filet, and with the funky flavor that only Dry Aging brings, these Shortloin Tails are a small, yet great cut.

USDA Prime: these shortribs are graded USDA Prime, the top tier of quality in the US. The Prime grade indicates the highest level of marbling, resulting in increased tenderness and flavor


ANGUS CATTLE: These boneless shortribs are sourced from Angus Cattle, raised in the Midwest. The naturally larger muscles of the Angus breed work in the favor of this cut – you have a higher ratio of meat to fat working with Angus shortribs than you would with the Holstein breed.


SHIP FROZEN: Flash frozen after being processed, these bone-in shortribs will be safe for an additional 6-7months in your freezer, or 4-5 days in your refrigerator once thawed.


UN-AGED: Two reasons why we do not dry age this particular cut – first, because there is very little protective covering that would allow us to dry age these (without enough bone or fat covering the meat, you incur too high of a trim loss when you trim the aged edges off the meat after it has finished dry aging). Secondly, whether thick cut or thin cut, these shortribs are most often paired with sauces or seasonings that are high in flavor, so we would not want to have a scenario where the dry aged flavor is competing with whatever recipe you’re going for!