California Reserve Ribeye Filet

California Reserve Ribeye Filet


The Rib Eye Filet is exactly that. It is the heart of the ribeye with the cap and the exterior fat removed so the result is a  steak the approximate size and shape of a Filet Mignon, but with a flavor the Filet can only dream of.

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The Ribeye Filet is just the core of what in my estimation is the best steak of all, the Ribeye. You get the flavor and tenderness of the Ribeye with the extra fat than can often be found on the Ribeye. The resultant size allows for a dramatic thickness without having an extremely large portion.

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This is really a cool steak! Perfect for those of you who love the flavor of the rib eye, but don’t necessarily want the fat that will accompany the Ribeye. Another added plus is the size- will be ideal for the lighter appetite.  The steak is fairly rare because to produce it requires a loss of up to 50% of the starting weight of the Ribeye. Once the Cap is removed, there is too much remaining fat to be left on the rib, so all of that is removed as well. Fortunately, the Cap will bear most of the cost burden, and the Ribeye Filet can therefore price at an attractive level.

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