California Reserve 60-Day Dry Aged Bone-in Ribsteak

California Reserve 60-Day Dry Aged Bone-in Ribsteak

The rib steak is cut from the whole prime rib, leaving a section of the bone on each steak. Any cut from the rib will provide the best flavor of the traditional steaks; you’ll find a little more internal fat (beyond the marbling), but it’s worth it for the taste.

Size PriceQuantity
18oz $61.75
24oz $82.50
28oz $96.25

Ever heard the saying with age comes wisdom? Yeah, me too!

So these are just about the smartest steaks we have ever made; 3 times smarter than our  renowned 30 day Rhodes Scholars that you’ve known for years.

What to expect?   Your guess is as good as mine LOL.      Actually, you will see noticeable differences in both flavor and texture. The texture will move to a more finer almost velvety feel, while the flavor will increase in nuttiness – think a really good Reggiano Parmesan.

Here is where I change my tune a little. I normally don’t attribute a bone in steak having more flavor than a boneless, but when taken out this long in terms of age, I think it does happen. Pay attention to the flavor as the meat moves closer to the bone – the flavor of the steak will increase because the bones get funkier than the meat over the same period of time and impart that increase almost by osmosis or perhaps simple proximity.

  USDA PRIME: these Bone-in Ribsteaks are graded USDA Prime, the top tier of quality in the US. On average, about 9% of graded cattle will achieve Prime status, but taking things a step further, we inspect each primal that moves through our facility to guarantee quality. If we don’t think a piece deserves the Prime grade, we won’t ship it.

 HOLSTEIN CATTLE: Our California Reserve Ribsteaks are cut from Holstein Cattle, raised in California predominantly in the Southeastern corner of the state. The size (diameter) of Holstein steaks will be smaller than the Angus which will allow for a thicker steak.

SHIP FRESH: We cut these steaks fresh the day we ship out, and once they are received they are good for 4-5days in your refrigerator, or 6-7months in the freezer.

   DRY AGED: Before these were processed into steaks, these Ribsteaks were Dry Aged for 60days.