Pork Cap

Pork Cap

This is the same cut as the beef rib cap only possibly with even more flavor! We take the rib end of the Pork Loin and separate the outer section to make the cap. While our pork can be served “pink” this particular cut will be even better if taken to a medium doneness. 


In Bryan's Words

Starting with either the Duroc breed of the Berkshire breed is the most important step to good pork. It literally took us a year to be able to put this cut into a production of a sufficient amount to be able to offer it on the web site. While it is the same section as the beef rib cap, the proportions are all different. We can get a 3lb cap off of a 17lb beef rib, but only a 1lb cap off of a 14lb loin of pork….So we’ve been eatin’ a lot of pork lately.  Anyway, this is really special and really rich. I would figure about a ½ pound per serving as an entrée; or this cut is a superb appetizer and will serve 4-5 in this manner.

A word about sizes:  The Duroc Cap will be roughly 16-18 ounces each while the Berkshire will run slightly smaller in the range of 12-16 ounces each. For continuity sake, we’re pricing them in 2# units so each order will be either 2 Duroc or 3 Berkshire per order. We feel there is absolutely no quality difference between the two, only a size difference. If you would prefer one type or the other, simply mention your preference in the comments section at checkout and we’ll take care of it.


Grill: 18-20 minutes, turning often

Stovetop: 18-20 minutes on high heat, turning often

Sear/oven: Sear 2 minutes on three sides, finish in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes

Oven: preheat oven to 350 degrees, cook 25-30 minutes (aim for 140 degrees internal temp)

Wine Pairing

Coming soon.