For my next trick, we will dry age our prime hanger steaks. As much as I would like to say this came to me in a dream, it actually came to me in an oversight. One whole hanger inadvertently was left out on the aging shelves and was out of sight, which allowed it to work its own little magic behind my back. When discovered, it was a sight for sore eyes. Actually, it was a sight to make your eyes sore. At first I thought we had somehow created a new life form, but upon further investigation and some serious trimming with a 12” knife, found a completely new version of the hanger steak beneath all that camouflage. The flavor actually intensified in a smooth way and the texture changed from merely tender to velvety; and so in the footsteps of the classic deep thinkers, I decided “what the hell!” 


Aging times from left to right: 3 days, 10 days, 17 days

Now, normal hanger steaks will weigh between 1.5-2lbs each when trimmed of facia and center nerve; these dry aged hangers will come in somewhere between 1-1.5lb due to the reduced moisture and additional trim required to find the damn thing under all that age.

Here’s the catch: we’re only doing 100 of these beauties, and they won’t be ready to ship until the week of the 17th.  Thanks to my big mouth, the list is already starting to fill up, so get your order in before they’re all gone!

Dry Aged Hanger Product Page