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Holiday Shipping Guide17

Holiday Shipping Guide


If there’s ever anything that can put a damper on holiday spirits, it’s shipping delays and screwups. And while the average number of packages that are lost, or delayed beyond safety during transit is low, that’s no consolation if you’re the one stuck in the lurch. Here’s some of our advice for arranging your order ship dates during this holiday season.


If you’re sending gifts

We strongly suggest that gift orders ship out the week of Dec 9th. and no later than a ship date of Monday Dec 16th. Aiming for an arrival date a week or so before the 25th will minimize the chances of any possible delays.


If you’re ordering for dinner on the 24th or 25th

Aim for your order to ship out no later than Wednesday the 18th. Also keep in mind that larger cuts of meat, especially roasts, will have a longer stable shelf life refrigerated than a small cut (a 4-rib roast can go 8 days in the fridge, no problem, whereas a 6oz filet shouldn’t go past 4-5 days). If you have room in your fridge, trade some of it for peace of mind, and have your roast arrive on the 19th or 20th

With Christmas day falling on a Wednesday this year, we will accept orders that are requested to ship on Monday the 23rd for delivery on Tuesday the 24th, but we strongly advise against it. Please note that any orders that ship on 12/23 for expected arrival 12/24, we will not be able to guarantee, and in our experience with the holiday shipping rush, you'll have about a 20% chance of a delay in that particular scenario.  


Dealing with Delays 

No Christmas season has ever gone 100% delay free (and we expect it never will be), but we do everything in our power to ensure that all our shipments can withstand an extra day in transit, just in case. We monitor all shipments during this month, and have a dedicated team at FedEx to help us stay on top of any and every potential issue.