California Reserve Ribeye Filet Roast

California Reserve Ribeye Filet Roast

Similar in shape and size to a tenderloin roast (hence our adding “filet” to the name), but packing a much more complex flavor punch, the Ribye Filet Roast is a great option for an elegant holiday roast. Quite literally, this is the core of our USDA Prime, 35-day Dry Aged Rib, and each roast is approximately 4.5-5lbs. Serves 7-8 adults.

In Bryan's Words

One of the first things to address on this is the name – it seems that no one has come up with an ‘official’ name for what remains of the rib after you remove the bones and the spinalis muscle (ribcap). We’ve helped to contribute to the confusion by referring to steaks cut from this section as “Saratoga” steaks (a name we pulled out of thin air, with no qualms whatsoever). And now we’re compounding everyone’s confusion by referring to the whole piece as something totally different – a Ribeye Filet Roast. This is fun, isn’t it? But nomenclature aside, this is a truly great piece, and is an all around crowd pleaser. You’ll have the same meaty ribeye flavor in this roast as you would in a traditional rib roast, but without the outer veins of fat running through (this ‘no fat’ stuff is giving me a little angst, but my wife thinks it’s a great idea). As a boneless roast it’s a simple matter to serve, no tricky bones to work around when slicing, and you’ll be able to carve slices as thick or thin as you wish.


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