California Reserve RIbeye Filet & Rib Cap Package

California Reserve RIbeye Filet & Rib Cap Package

In essence, this package is a deconstructed rib roast (without the bones). The ribeye filet roast is the eye of the rib, trimmed of outer fat and tied for presentation. The Ribcap, which has become famous in its own right over the past couple years, is a spectacularly flavored piece that will change how you think of meat. The ribeye filet roast weighs between 4.5-5lbs, and the rib cap comes in between 3-3.5lbs. Between them, these roasts will serve about 14 adults (and I suggest serving them together, as it’ll bring a phenomenal ‘taste test’ aspect to dinner).
7.5lbs Total

In Bryan's Words

Have you ever had your cake and eaten it too? That’s what this is. I could stop there, but I’m on my second glass of wine and on a roll. What I think is really cool about is this package, is the ability to showcase two cuts of meat, that while technically are both “ribeye”, have completely different flavor and texture profiles. It also gives you the opportunity to navigate crowds of picky eaters with ease. I’ve got to deal with my fair share of locavores out here in California, and invariably have requests for something ‘less rich’, ‘less fatty’… all of which translate to me as “less awesome”. But hey, haters gonna hate. What I’m getting at, though, is if you’ve got any like that in your crowd – this pack is perfect! They’ll love the ribeye filet roast, and that leaves extra rib cap for you!


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