California Reserve Petite New York Giftbox

California Reserve Petite New York Giftbox

If we had a ‘crown jewel’ designation for our California Reserve New York steaks, these would get it. Cut from especially small pieces, each steak has a perfect thickness of about 1.5” despite their small weight. Dry aged a full 55 days, this gift box is the ultimate gift for a foody. Ships frozen.
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In Bryan's Words

About 8 weeks ago, we had the most spectacular batch of New York strips come in. I’m talking freakin’ gorgeous. I’m singing and dancing as I’m pulling them out of the box. But like most things that get you singing, there was a catch. These strips were some of the smallest I’ve ever come across. Now our Cal Reserve is normally very small, which is great as it allows us to cut 12oz steaks with a good thickness (we’re not into that paper thin steak game you see some playing). But with this batch, a 12oz steak would end up being 2.5” thick – which is just too unwieldy for most. So I got the whole group into the aging room, deciding to give myself a couple days to figure out what to do with them. And then I promptly forgot about them. Fast forward 8 weeks, and I come across what at first looks like a solid rack of mold (now, if you’re me, when you come across something like this, it’s the most exciting part of your day). Like a dog that’s come across a bone it buried a while back, I couldn’t wait to cut into these and see how they’ve turned out. Amazing. Ever better than I had hoped. But still needing something to do with them, I realized how great they’d be as ‘petite’ steaks. And thus the “petite giftbox” was born.


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