California Reserve Dry Aged Rib Cap

California Reserve Dry Aged Rib Cap

Buckle your seat belts Ladies and Gents; this one is going to knock you off your dining room chair. What began as a little known cut has quickly gained popularity as one of the best beef experiences available. The flavor is so intense that almost any description will fall short. A very rich cut so 8ozs would be a safe serving size. Shipped frozen

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In Bryan's Words

Where do I begin? This cut contains the absolute maximum amount of flavor that will physically fit into a 3 pound piece of steak. I know they say God rested on the 7th day, but I think that’s when He had time to work on the Rib Cap. It’s not a very common cut, and sometimes difficult to explain.

I stumbled onto it somewhat by accident; got my hands on a bunch of magnificent prime ribs out of Kansas that were perfect in every way but size….in some cases 10 pounds larger than my preferred 15 - 18 pound Prime Ribs. It dawned on me that this might be the time to try and produce the rib cap because it would leave a large enough steak left to sell. So off came the cap and the rest is history.


Try searing it first, then finish with indirect heat; another option is to go the whole way in a hot oven (400 to 450). Feedback I’ve gotten is to cook to medium-rare or even medium. The Rib Cap has a soft texture, and while very tender when cooked rare, it lacks “body”. When taken up to about 130-135 degrees internal, it sets up and enhances the flavor through the firmer texture. For those of you with your tents in the ‘rare’ camp: don’t bother calling to yell at me, I’ll just deny I said this.

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