California Reserve Petite New York

California Reserve Petite New York

These Petite New Yorks differ from our usual CA Reserve New Yorks in their thickness - the Petite New Yorks present with a more narrow eye, and thus a larger thickness. If you prefer your steaks over 1.5" thick, but want a smaller portion (and crave that beefy flavor that filets lack), this is the perfect cut for you. Shipped frozen.
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In Bryan's Words

Why the petite sizes?  Honestly, I’ve been noticing that as I get older, I don’t want as large a portion as I once did. The problem we had, was how do you create an 8 or 10 oz steak without ending up with a steak under 1-inch thick?

The answer presented itself this year, as we found that from time to time with our Holstein beef, we could get smaller whole pieces; this allowed us the ability to cut a thick but smaller steak. Because these smaller loins appear when they appear- they are somewhat rare;  we are treating them slightly different than our main line. When they are full aged, we process and freeze them.  With the extensive aging method , there will be no issues with freezing, and we now have the ability to deliver the same thickness you are used to, but with a smaller portion size. 


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