Lamb Riblets

Lamb Riblets

A great option for either a starter or the main dish, these Ribs are as universal as they are delicious. They’ll present with slightly more chew than a loin or rack, but will way overcompensate with flavor. Like a short rib, they will have the striations of fat throughout, and that we believe is the secret to their outstanding flavor.

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Size Price
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If you like lamb, I have a cult I’d like you to join. These lamb riblets aren't seen very often, but virtually everyone I know who has had these before love them to death, and everyone who's tried them so far have become instant converts.

This particular cut of lamb can be a bit difficult to explain exactly where it comes from, but I’ll give it a shot. If we were talking beef, these would be the bone-in chuck shortribs. But where you’d have about 2lbs of the beef ribs, these lamb rib sections weigh in under 8oz. Each piece will have 3 bones, and be about 3” in length. They will present quite small/thin in size, but will 'puff up' considerably during the cooking process. 

The reason they are not that common, is that most producers will cut a lamb shoulder chop, and in that fabrication, the ribs are part of the chop. We on the other hand, believe that the Riblet should be considered in the same outrageous flavor category as the Beef Rib Cap and the Pork Rib Cap and they deserve a place all their own.

Depending on appeties and your love of lamb - a safe serving size would be 1lb per person. 

Being the purists that we are, our recommendation for cooking is quite simple: preheat your oven to 350 degrees (400 will work as well, and give a bit more of a sear, but can wipe out the oven, so if you don’t have self-cleaning, stay with 350). Rub the pieces with a mix of salt & freshly cracked pepper, place in a roasting pan bone side down. I usually use a rack in the bottom of the pan, but that’s optional. Roast for approximately 35-40minutes. You want to take these into “medium” doneness territory to really get the texture to ‘set’.

To serve, simply slice between the ribs when done and serve as individual ribs for ease of dining.