Choice Club Roast

Choice Club Roast

A universal roast that lends itself well to a family dinner (make sure you have leftovers for sandwiches), the Club Roast is a versatile and affordable option for a week night meal. The Choice grade will make these roasts leaner than our Prime cuts, and unlike our Prime Roasts, these are not dry-aged, and ship frozen.

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While normally we don’t dabble with USDA Choice product, we’ll carry Choice beef from time to time for several of our restaurant customers. With all the upheaval in the restaurant industry, we now find ourselves with Choice New Yorks on our hands, and no home for them. So we’ll carve out a spot for them in our Helluva Deal section, where the rest of our “homeless” steaks live!

In terms of flavor and tenderness, this Choice Club roast won’t hold a candle to our California Reserve Club Roast, but if you’re looking for an easy Wednesday dinner option, look no further. We produce these just like our CA Reserve roasts, we start with a whole, intact loin, trim the exterior fat to about ¼“, remove any exterior nerve, then tie the roast with butcher’s twine. The Club Roast is a solid piece, so the tying is to achieve a uniformity of diameter both for cooking and plating.

The Choice Club Roast will have less internal fat (Marbling), so you can be more liberal with your seasoning, and when slicing, go just a tad thinner than you normally would.

  USDA CHOICE: We've sourced USDA Choice beef for these club roasts.

   ANGUS CATTLE: these Club Roasts are from Angus Cattle, raised in the Midwest.

  SHIP FROZEN: Flash frozen after being processed, each roast will be safe for an additional 6-7months in your freezer, or 4-5days in your refrigerator once thawed. 

   UNAGED: These roasts are not dry aged.