Mismatched Filet Mignon

Mismatched Filet Mignon

A mixture of both California Reserve and Midwestern steaks, these Mismatched Filets are great additions to your freezer for informal or unplanned dinners. Unlike our premier steaks, these are shipped frozen and will lack uniformity. Sold individually - photo to left gives a sense of the varying shapes.
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In Bryan's Words

What’s the deal here? It's very rare that we sell an entire tenderloin in one piece, and unlike our New Yorks and Ribeyes that can withstand some extra aging, once cut, these pieces have to be processed. Becuase the filet has no exterior fat or bone to protect it, this cut cannot undergo any Dry Aging without losing so much trim it's too small to work with. This naturally give us a number of USDA Prime filet steaks that we don’t have a “home” for. Don’t know why it took so long to realize that we’re now producing Mismatched Filets in addition to the Mismatched Rib Eyes and New Yorks. Once that light went off, it didn’t take any longer to figure out how to find a good home for these beauties.


Contrary to what you might have heard, the best way to determine the cooking time on a steak is by the thickness, rather than the weight. On the Grill: 1” – 8 minutes total; 5 and 3 1¼“ – 9 minutes total; 7 and 3 1½“ – 10 to 12 minutes total; 7 and 4 2” – 12 to 14 minutes total; 9 and 4

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