Midwestern Boneless Shortribs

Midwestern Boneless Shortribs

Cross cut from the meatiest part of the chuck, these are the ultimate braising short rib. The traditional short ribs will have the bones attached; this cut will provide a slightly more formal presentation. Insider’s Tip: though this type of meat is not aged to any great extent, they are of such a high quality that they are capable of being slow cooked directly on a grill. The trick for this is to slightly back off the heat and turn the ribs over multiple times over the course of 15-20 minutes. Plan on 12 - 16 oz per serving.

In Bryan's Words

Probably the ultimate comfort food in the meat category. A throwback to what seems now to have been a simpler, slower moving time. Before we go any further with these, you’ve got to be willing to commit 2-3 hours of cooking for this dish, but trust me; it’ll be worth every minute! 

Refer back if you will to our discussion of the Prime Rib; particularly the aspect of the small end verses the large end. In the old days, the producers used to leave a lot of “non rib” meat on the prime rib and that is why one side was referred to as the large end. This extra meat is now part of what we produce as the boneless short ribs.  As you can see from the picture, the marbling is dramatic; it’s almost tempting enough to prepare as a steak, but keep in mind that we don’t age this cut to any real degree. This is why as far as I’m concerned, if it were to have a macho tattoo, it would read “Born to be Braised”.

At the end of the Prime Rib, as it approaches the shoulder, the ribs continue for another 4 or 5 ribs depending on the processor.  It is from under these ribs that we get the boneless short ribs and this is why this cut can sometimes be long and narrow and other times are shorter and thicker.  Irrespective of the source of these; the end result is absolutely phenomenal.

This is a classic Fall/Winter dish that provides an excuse to be in a warm cozy kitchen on a cold day spending the time slowly preparing this dish, all the while filling the area with the inviting aroma of a truly wonderful entrée. You’ll find a ton of recipes for braised short ribs but basically all you need to do is brown them in a skillet, then slowly cook them at a low to moderate temperature in a covered pot with some liquid (stock, wine, water, etc) of your choice.


Contrary to what you might have heard, the best way to determine the cooking time on a steak is by the thickness, rather than the weight.

On the Grill:

1½“ – 10 to 12 minutes total. The trick with these is to back off on the heat and to turn them multiple times. Bring the grill down to around 400˚F, and go about 2-3 minutes on each of the 4 sides of the shortribs. If you can’t control the heat of the grill, place them on the edges of the grill to lower the amount of heat the get.

Wine Pairing

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