Filet Tail Roast

Filet Tail Roast

These are the tail end of our Prime filets, and rather than sell individually like the filet tails, we’ve tied them into neat little roasts. This gives you a much better presentation, as you can simply cut the string after cooking and slice into medallions to serve. Assume about half a pound per serving; depending on size, each will serve approx 2-4. Ships frozen.
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In Bryan's Words

What we’ve done here is, in technical terms, “pimped our beef”. Ok, maybe not the most technical, but it works. As any of you who have ordered the filet tails know, they’re not the most attractive cut. Which is a shame, because they pack a flavor and tenderness that is out of this world. We’ve taken the time to prepare these suckers in a way that their visual presentation matches their taste. It’s amazing what a little extra trimming and some butcher’s twine can do for you! (Pro tip: don’t ever say that to your wife, unless spending a week in the dog house suites you).

These will present similar in texture to a ribcap, though because each roast is the result of two tails tied together, they might separate when sliced. As long as your goal is a good dinner and not a photoshoot, you’ll be set.


I would suggest roasting these, and in my personal opinion they really hit home when you sear them first to get a good crust. Go about 2-3min in a pan on each ‘side’ to sear, then transfer to a 350 degree oven for about 20-25min (aim for 125 degrees internal temp). Don’t forget to let it sit for 5 minutes after taking out of the oven, especially important with these roasts as they’ll ‘set’ and keep their shape when slices after slightly cooled.

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