Wagyu New York "Pave"

Wagyu New York "Pave"

For all intents and purposes - a extensively trimmed New York steak. Cut at a sizeable thickness (approx 2.5-3"), but with a smaller weight, this piece will present similar in looks and cooking time to a filet, but present with the fantastic flavor of the New York. Ships frozen.
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In Bryan's Words

This is an interesting evolution of sorts. We recently established a great source, in terms of quality, for Wagyu New York strips. Absolutely beautiful, but if there is any issue, it is size; Wagyu cattle are huge, and will have a correspondingly large diameter to the steaks. It forces us to start at a 16 oz portion in order to get a decent grilling thickness.

Through a collaboration with a Chef down in LA, we came up with this idea. The word " pave' " simply describes shape, which is basically a cube. What we are doing on this, is cutting a 2 1/2"-3" thick center New york, and removing all the fat that normally travels with the NY. Then we cut the steak in half vertically. The end result is a cube of flavor that also happens to be melt in the mouth tender.

In terms of cooking, everything works from pan searing and oven finish, to sous vide and sear, to grilling. An interesting grilling method for these is to treat them as four sided rather than two. Simply grill for about 3/4 mins then give a quarter turn continuing until you've done all four sides- gives a unique char all the way around* For someone wanting a smaller portion of the magic of Wagyu, here it is . *for you purists out there, I know a cube has six sides; but so does a regular steak, so don't give it a second thought.


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