American Wagyu Rib Cap Medallion

American Wagyu Rib Cap Medallion

Cut from our Wagyu rolled Rib Caps, these Rib Cap Medallions allow you to get a single portion serving without having a crowd over. Ships frozen.
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In Bryan's Words

Remember how excited you were when you first heard that the physicists had split the atom? Well get ready for round two, because the butchers have split the Rib Cap! While it may not have the energy of the atom, it sure as hell has more flavor!

Honestly, don’t know why it took so long, but whatever, it’s done. Now you can dabble in this most remarkable cut in individual size portions. We’ve figured out how to cut 8 and 10 oz portions , perfect for grilling  1 or 2 at a time.

Storage is also far easier than atoms; no lead shield necessary, although a good old cast iron pan would be really nice! Just keep these single serving pieces  in your freezer until you’re ready to open that Big Red you have.

I believe the Rib Cap is the most flavorable cut of beef existent, and now you don’t have to wait for a crowd to enjoy it. Consider this just my next step on the lifelong goal of getting people to quit eating Filets!


Now, cooking time is up to you, but I strongly recommend taking these into medium; it adds a dimension of texture that you don’t quite get at rare.

I’ve done these both on the grill and in the pan, and both are great. Grill took about 20 mins (at approx 500 degrees); cooked about 6 mins on each side, then rolled on the edges for another 7/8 min. In the pan, did a hot sear for 3 min on each side (nothing on the edges) then moved to indirect (approx 350) for another 18/20 mins. 

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