California Reserve 65-Day Dry Aged Shortloin Pack

California Reserve 65-Day Dry Aged Shortloin Pack

We've aged these Prime Shortloins out to 65-days, and bare offering two package sets including a Porterhouse Steak and your choice of two Boneless New York Steaks, or two Bone-in Kansas City Strips.

Pack #1: 1 x 30oz Porterhouse, 2 x 14oz Boneless New York Steaks
Pack #2: 1 x 30oz Porterhouse, 2 x 16oz Bone-in Kansas City Strips

Because of the limited quality available, we are limiting sales to 2 packs per customer.
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Pack #1:
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In Bryan's Words

Why are we selling as packages:

The shortloin is a unique primal about 40% of which is the Porterhouse cut. Once the porterhouse steaks are removed, the percentage of bone to meat changes dramatically in terms of trim loss (for the worse).   In a nutshell, the porterhouse is priced to offset the increased trim loss of the remainder; as a result, it’s almost impossible to do an aggressive sale on the Porters alone.  By pairing the New Yorks (in both the boneless and bone-in Kansas City version) with them, we can reach an equilibrium and offer discounts on both.

Hopefully this makes sense to you as I’m not even clear on what I just said. But trust me, there is a pony under that tree somewhere.


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