California Reserve Beef Back Ribs

California Reserve Beef Back Ribs

Pulled from our 30-day Dry Aged Ribs, these beef back ribs are exceptionally meaty and full of that great funk that only comes from dry aging. We've split each rack into portions of 3 and 4 ribs; while each piece is approximately the same length, the 4-rib section will contain less meat at the bones taper to a smaller end. Ships frozen.
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In Bryan's Words

These are the rib bones that historically were the preferred bones of King Henry the 8th to throw over his shoulder at the end of a meal (although that might be just another famous Elizabethian Urban Legend. Or, possibly, something I just made up). Well in any case, don’t try that method of rib removal at home. I can tell you from experience it leads to happy dogs and angry wives.

Go figure. But back to these ribs. This is the equivalent of the pork baby back ribs. Back ribs are meatier than spare ribs, with a thicker amount of meat in between them. The prime rib bones are produced when a prime rib is fabricated into boneless ribeye steaks. Coming off our CA Reserve ribs, these back rbs are aged for a full 30 days. These can be cooked in the oven, on the grill, or in a smoker.

Similar to the pork baby back ribs, one end of the bone tapers to a smaller point. So keep in mind, even though there are 7 ribs, they are not all of equal length. We’ve cut each rack into two pieces, because honestly they store better that way. So if any of you out there are tight on freezer space, don’t worry, we’ve got you in mind.


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